Gifted and Talented Athletes

Seminars, presentations and workshops suitable for students with a desire to pursue sport at a high level.

Offerings can be adapted for both primary and secondary school ages


Personal development plans – On-going goal setting tool to promote self-improvement and awareness throughout the Gifted and Talented programme.

Inspirational presentation – Charting progress from school sports to becoming Britain’s Female Athlete of the Year. Outlining hurdles overcome and lessons learned along the way helps to inspire resilience and a growth mindset.

Getting into the zone – Tips on diet, mental approach and warm ups for competition readiness. Recognising the individual differences in each athlete, this workshop encourages participants to reflect on their pre-competition routines and to seek out the extra 1%’s that can make the crucial difference in the arena.

Resilience, stress and dealing with nerves – Sport prepares you for life. Not only will this workshops help to re-frame situations to promote optimal performance states, it embeds a stoic attitude that will serve to promote success in all areas of life.

Short and long-term recovery optimisation – Performance gains are elicited during recovery periods, not training sessions. And so it follows that the best athletes aren’t necessarily those that can train the hardest, but those that recover the smartest. This workshop offers dietary, ‘gadgetary’ and relaxation (including sleep) tips and routines to both optimise and expedite recovery states.

Developing positive routines – ‘The secret of your success is found in your daily routine’. There are so many things we know we ‘should’ do in order to be the best that we can be, but often it is just remembering and creating time for you to do them. This is where the power of routines comes in. In this interactive session you will get the chance to formulate sustainable routines that can seamlessly be integrated into your lives. We will focus on morning, night, pre and post-competition times. Marginal gains here you come!

Developing discipline – ‘Discipline is doing what needs to be done, even if you don’t want to do it’…’It is the bridge between goals and accomplishments’. It is often said that discipline is a muscle – you have to train it. In today’s comfortable society, it is all too easy to fall into the grips of temptation that steers you along the path of an easy existence. Whilst this might provide short term gratification, true happiness, fulfilment and success remain elusive as deep down you know you are not being the best version of yourself. This workshop explains the forces at play as we navigate our daily decision making, giving you extra clarity and resolve to take the path less trodden… If you think you’re up to the challenge.

Lessons from professional sport applied to life – ‘Life is a full contact sport, and there is a score upon the board’. From false starts, to patience, to persistence, to efficiency, to dreaming big, to ethics and altruism: you can apply so many lessons from sport to life. Learn how to turn each challenge you encounter to your advantage in the knowledge that nothing is ever wasted. A motivating and inspiring talk that gives you the courage and faith to pursue your goals.

How to optimise training and revision during exam periods – ‘Regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory and thinking skills’ – Harvard University. There is no denying that exam periods can be especially demanding for athletes with so many demands on your time and energy. But there are countless examples of elite athletes also being elite students. So rather than conveniently engineering excuses to suit your inclinations as to their mutual exclusivity (e.g. I did rubbish in my exams because of my training/competition schedule), you can absolutely use one to help the other. This workshop seeks to reduce the stress (and even panic!) surrounding exam periods, with tangible tips to make the most effective and efficient use of your time.

Optimising your ‘team’ – ‘Communication – the human connection – is key to personal and career success’. Not just for team sports; at the sharp end of sports performance, all athletes require a team of specialists around them. The oil in the cogs of this team is communication. There is most definitely an art to this, which can save huge amounts of time and unnecessary stress. Largely borrowed from the world of business and politics, this workshop not only gives you powerful tips to get to the root of the objective you are trying to convey, but also to focus on the most important information to disseminate.

Dealing with injury – ‘Injury is not just a process of recovery, it’s a process of discovery’. I don’t know of a single elite athlete that hasn’t had to overcome an injury – usually a whole catalogue of them. When you are striving for lofty goals that take you outside of your comfort zone, it comes with the territory. You have to be prepared to fall and get back up – an asset not just in sport, but in life itself. This workshop covers changes to your mindset, nutrition and training that will not only help expedite recovery from injury, but also teach you how to turn it to your advantage.

Preventing injury – ‘An ounce of prevention is worth more than a million pounds of cure’. What does it really look like to be an elite athlete? All glitz and glamour? Think again. The successful athletes are the ones that are willing to do all the mundane, seemingly trivial ‘little things’ when the cameras are off. Get an insight into the ‘pre-hab’ routines common across elite sport, then make an honest appraisal of your own training schedules. Are you committed enough to enduring monotony?

Injury screening and postural awareness – Analysis of potential ‘hot-spots’ through range of motion observation. Explanation and demonstration of a ‘winning posture’.

Body maintenance – stretching, trigger point release, self-massage and foam rollering techniques taught to empower athletes to maintain their bodies.

Practical relaxation and recovery techniques – “There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” —Alan Cohen. In this predominantly practical workshop you will experience sessions of the ‘Wim Hoff Breathing Method’ and mindfulness – both of which have been scientifically proven to induce relaxation and expedite recovery.

Fitness Pilates & Strength and Conditioning – Practical introduction to the importance of strength, postural control and athleticism.

How to improve your running technique – ‘Running makes you an athlete in all areas of life’. Running is key to success in so many sports. To run properly is an artform and but we are rarely instructed how to. This practical workshop takes you through five key elements of running form that will result in you running GRACE-fully thus increasing your efficiency and decreasing your injury prevalence. And by way of some bonus material, learn how these elements can be adapted and form the blueprint for living an optimal life.

Eat like a champion – Sport specific dietary and nutrition advice to optimise training and recovery. Example food diaries for endurance and power-based sports are given followed by a personal food diary analysis. Inspiration for healthy snacks plus post-training meals together with advice on timings are sure to get you on the right track to fueling your best performances.

Maintaining a healthy weight – ‘When you start eating food without labels, you no longer need to count calories’. We are fed so many confusing and conflicting messages about food and living in today’s obesogenic environment, it is even harder to get to the ‘truth’. Indeed, the full ‘truth’ extends further than just the food itself, encapsulating also the hormonal drives that steer our behaviours. This workshop will empower you to rise up against misinformation and temptation, creating a harmonious relationship with food that will serve you for a lifetime.

Healthy food preparation hacks – don’t have time? Don’t know how? Nonsense! Allow us to demonstrate how to prepare a range of quick and tasty snacks and meals that will satisfy your hunger and conscience.


£50 flat rate per seminar with one deliverer, £75 with 2 deliverers plus:

Number of additional people Amount to add to total per person Get 1/3 off any additional seminar/presentation purchased
1-9 £5
10-29 £4
30-49 £3
50-99 £175 total
Add £50 for each additional 50 people thereafter

NB Where travel is involved, mileage rates are charged at £1/mile (taking into account time and petrol). Mileage should be calculated from Baslow, DE45, each way. For locations where overnight stay would be required, please contact me.