Children’s Coaching, Teacher Training, Presentations and Special Days

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Tryumphant Coaching and Teacher Training:

Customisable packages to meet government sport funding criteria. Schools signing up to a package get 25% off Seminars and Special Days.

Sports Coaching Fun and challenging sessions led by qualified, experienced coaches. Programmes tailored in line with NGB, National Curriculum and FUNdamentals guidelines.

£75/half day


Teacher/Coach Training Sharing of resources, ideas, planning suggestions, technology including useful apps, videos and music to enhance enjoyment and development.


After School Club Multi-sport or sport-specific clubs with an emphasis on developing skills, fitness and fair play.

£40 (£5 premium per child for numbers >16)

Training programme for school cross country or Sportshall Athletics team Specially tailored programmes to be delivered by teachers for pupils engaged in races and competitions.


Half term package Option 1
  • Inspirational school assembly
  • 7 x half day coaching.
  • 1 x 1 hour teacher training session


Half term package Option 2
  •  Inspirational school assembly
  • 7 x full day coaching.
  • 2 x 1 hour teacher training session
  • XC/Athletics Training programme


Tryumphant Presentations

Can be delivered as schools assemblies or interactive class seminars. Schools signing up to a coaching package get 25% off Seminars and Special Days.

Inspirational Assembly – Presentation charting my progress from primary school cross-country to international athletic success.  Q&A opportunity at the end.

£125/half day, £200/full day

Healthy Eating and Nutrition Topics include:

  • Understanding a healthy, balanced diet
  • Eating behaviours: powerful tips to encourage healthy approach to food
  • Cooking workshops

Seminars involve simple, informative and interactive tasks and cooking demonstrations. Tasters provided.

PSHCE Topics include:

  • Confidence and motivation
  • Dealing with nerves and stress
  • Relationships, communication and team work
  • Bullying
  • Success: Interactive Goal Setting (click here to view personal presentation and here for pupil template)
  • Success: Overcoming Barriers (click here to view presentation)


Tryumphant Special Days

Designed to inspire and educate. Compliment delivery of themed weeks in schools.

Athletics Taster Day
  • Inspirational assembly
  • Introduction to running, jumping and throwing activities.
  • Up to 5 classes per day (45min-1hr per session)
  • Links to external athletics clubs encouraged.
  • Signed photograph
  • Optional mentoring/Q&A session with pupils excelling in sports.

£125/half day £200/full day

Olympic and Paralympic Values
  •  Fun, active sessions promoting values of friendship, excellence, respect, inspiration, courage, determination and equality.
  • Up to 5 classes per day (45min-1hr per session)
  • Torch relay and victory laps.
  • Optional assembly highlighting values in play throughout my athletics career.
Tryumphant Day A half or full day spent working with a specially identified group of children covering the physical, nutritional and mental components of elite sports performance.
International Sports Day A half or full day of PE classes playing games from around different cultures around the world.