Staff Wellness Days

Tailor your Wellness Days with our range of seminars and workshops covering mental, physical and nutritional health topics.


Resilience and dealing with stress

Stress: the epidemic of our times. Research says the business world now operates seven times faster than even the start of the century. It’s no wonder we are finding it hard to keep pace. At times like this, good old ancient wisdom can lend us a real helping hand. Perception is everything. Changing it is simple. But not easy. Creating a culture amongst colleagues that promotes harmony is a game changer in altering perceptions, not just in business, but in life. Allow us to inject some stoicism into proceedings.


How the Mind Works: And how to harness its power to achieve your goals and improve your relationships

A fascinating look into the latest that neuroscience tells us about the significance of the various voices in our heads. Based broadly on Dr. Steve Peters’ (British Cycling and England Football Psychologist) simple yet ingenuous ‘Chimp Model’, learn which voices to pay attention to and which ones to manage – in yourself and in others! Transform your inner terrain with enhanced understanding and training techniques to tame unhelpful thoughts and behaviours.


Mindfulness for dummies

The latest buzz word? Or a remedy for our times? This short introductory sessions will give you both a theoretical and a practical insight into the hows and whys of this increasingly popular – but often misunderstood – practice. Learn to relax your mind for enhanced mental clarity and physical well-being.


Happiness: The latest scientific research on how to achieve it 

Quantum physics is now starting to uncover many of the mysteries surrounding characteristics of happy and successful people. ‘Laws’ are beginning to emerge that reflect many of the religious teachings from down the millennia. But far from blind faith, learn how to proactively harness these laws for your own benefit…and that of the world!


Conflict resolution and communication

The most successful people in life are those that can control their emotions. It is all too easy to vent, to blame and to assume. But ‘assumptions are the termites of relationships’. By teaching effective ways of communicating that remove emotion from the equation and focus on intentions rather that outcomes, we can help you to foster a more supportive and nurturing environment. An environment in which colleagues recognise the need for – and feel empowered take – ‘response-ability’ for their words and actions.



Choose from a selection of sports to get your competitive juices flowing and hearts pumping! Football, netball, tennis, hockey, badminton, volleyball, dodgeball, athletics, multi-sports tournaments or ‘school sports days’ available.


Postural Awareness and Body Maintenance

Increasingly we are becoming a tribe of keyboard warriors, a far cry from the active lifestyle evolution had prepared us for. Whereas physios, chiros, masseurs, even surgeons are benefitting, our wallets are not! But it needn’t be that way. A few simple cues and exercises can dramatically improve your posture – the root of many muscular ailments. Where help is needed in restoring ease and function, there is a vast array of techniques that individuals can use themselves to help maintain bodies. And they are free to do! An empowering workshop that can truly transform your body – and life!


Team Challenges and Problem Solving

Engage your minds and your bodies (and your funny bones!) with our range of  activities that require participants to work together to conquer conundrums… Or just make fools of themselves! See your colleagues in a whole new light!


Fitness Pilates and Circuits

Clear your heads! Allow our qualified instructors to lead you and your colleagues in one of our challenging yet fun and uplifting exercise classes. Participants are free to operate at their own level (albeit with some friendly cajoling from us!) and are sure to come away on an endorphin high, feeling motivated and energised for work!


Weight Control Part 1: Getting back to how we’re designed to eat

An explanation as to how government guidelines have contributed to producing obese nations. Uncover the myths and learn surprising truths about how were designed to eat and which foods trick us down the wrong path. Feel empowered to make changes to your lives with simple and effective tips and guidance.


Weight Control Part 2: Eating plans and apps

Following on from the knowledge base established in Part 1, gain a greater understanding of how to reverse the damage of obesity causing diets with progressive and manageable steps that draw you in line with our evolutionary diets. Discover apps and resources that will further support and guide you in your journey back to health.


Packed lunches and canteen choices

Do you want to know the real key to a healthy diet? One word: preparation. Learn to be proactive rather than reactive. Practise discipline in making the right choices. Let us arm you with the information, inspiration and motivation to do so. It is probably simpler than you might think. Practical demonstrations and tasters provided.



£50 flat rate per seminar plus:

Number of additional people Amount to add to total per person Optional venue hire at Baslow Sports Field is £75 per half day or £150 per full day.  
1-9 £5
10-29 £4
30-49 £3
50-99 £175 total
Add £50 for each additional 50 people thereafter

NB Where travel is involved, mileage rates are charged at £1/mile (taking into account time and petrol). Mileage should be calculated from Baslow, DE45 1SP, each way. For locations where overnight stay would be required, please contact me.