Kenyan School Twinnings

Partnerships for mutual learning and benefit through classes, letter exchanges, fundraising projects and visits to Kenya

Twinned schools receive a minimum of 3 visits per year to deliver classes and assist in fundraising projects.


Sport – cross-class challenge. Compare results from exercises (e.g. number of sit-ups, press-ups, star jumps etc in 20 sec). See which class is the fittest!  £75/half day*

£125 full day*

*100% of fees are donated to the Kenyan School

Wildlife – sharing photos from a survey of the school grounds; planting seeds that are native to each other’s countries
Music – share videos of classes performing traditional songs and dances!
Food – share food diaries. Do cooking demonstrations and tastings of Kenyan tea and ugali (staple food in Kenya made from corn maize).
Recycling – discuss waste issues. Make a ball from old plastic bags (common in Kenya) and play ball games.
Christmas and New Year – make cards and share hopes and aspirations, focusing on non-materialistic aspects. Presentation on how Christmas is in Kenya.
Revisit New Year’s Resolutions – Share photos and videos providing evidence of successes.

Visits to Kenya

Teachers are encouraged to experience school life in first hand on our organised trips to Kenya. One week visits cost in the region of £1500.

Video from February 2014 visit:

Benefits to the schools

  • Greater cultural and social understanding
  • Promotes the awareness of social justice through emphasising equality and reciprocity
  • Encourages personal and professional development in staff from both countries
  • Motivates and inspires pupils and teachers
  • Community engagement via fundraising projects


“As I professional athlete, I spent winters training at altitude in the Kenyan Rift Valley. When out on runs I was always struck by the vitality and playfulness of the children out there as they joined you for short stretches with their bare feet and customary ‘Ow are yoo?’ greetings.

Having worked in a number of primary schools back in the UK, it occurred to me how wonderful it would be create links between children in the two countries to foster new friendships and a greater awareness of different cultures.

I have since led successful projects in Sheffield and the Peak District and have been touched by the engagement of the schools involved in both their openness to learning and in their desire to help their twinned school.”

Becky Lyne

Tryumph Education Founder


“I am quite excited to tell this story about this lady called Becky Lyne.

My  first encounter with her was when she first came to visit our school – Chebonet primary.

Chebonet Primary is situated In the outskirts of Iten town in Kenya, a town famous for producing world class athletes but the school never produced any sensational athlete until when Becky came and charmed them. How she managed  to influence them so quickly I cant explain but after her talk they began to look at things differently. They have changed for the better.

Twelve pupils, after listening to Becky decided the following day, to start training as athletes – they all wanted be to like Becky; well mannered and able to interact even with the lowliest in the society (Chebonet being a public rural school is considered lowly in status).

During her stay in Kenya, Becky maintained regular visits to the school and the pupils became even more attached to her. Then came the time for Becky to leave Kenya for she had only come together with the British team to train in Iten. The  pupils were very sad that she had to leave but Becky left the young athletes some of her running kits that she din’t want to carry back home. This even inspired the athletes further. They continued training and it is worth mentioning here that when the inter school athletics completion came, Chebonet primary was number one.

Becky’s goodness to the school did not end there, she has since helped to procure for the school a full kit for football and volleyball teams. She also bought several balls for the children to play with.

All these endeavours by Becky have really helped build the spirits of the pupils of Chebonet. Far from improving in academics and self esteem, Chebonet school has managed to catch the eyes of renowned coaches like Bro. Colm Oconnel (David Rudisha’s coach) who has picked one girl (Ruth Chemeli) from Chebonet school to train at his famous athletes camp at St. Patrick’s Iten. The school’s football, volleyball and Netball teams are doing even better.

We are all very happy to be associated with Becky Lyne”

James Onunda

Head teacher Chebonet Primary School, Iten, Kenya.